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Peter Milsom

1 Jan, 2014

What is Reformission Wales?

by Peter Milsom

What is Reformission Wales? Reformission Wales is an initiative of the Associating Evangelical Churches of Wales (AECW). It was launched at the AECW Annual Assembly in May 2012. It seeks to address the desperate spiritual situation in Wales through both church planting and church strengthening. Denominational decline in Wales The decline of the major denominations…

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1 Sep, 2011

Loving the church which Jesus loves: reflections on church unity

by Peter Milsom

Loving the church which Jesus loves: reflections on church unity Why should we be concerned about Christian unity? Christian unity is very important because it expresses visibly what we are ‘in Christ’ and also our relationship with all other Christians. It is essentially spiritual not organisational, created not by us, but by God. It is…

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1 Jul, 2010

A blind spot

by Peter Milsom

A blind spot Many Christians expect to find a gospel church wherever they go in the world. This expectation may be based on an assumption that most, if not all, of the world has been evangelised. So it is a real inconvenience if we are on holiday and can’t find a church to attend on…

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