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Annual Conferences

13 Apr, 2022

Pastors’ Wives 2022

by Dafydd and Gwenan Job

Session 1: “For all the promises of God find their Yes in Him” (2 Corinthians 1:20) – Gwenan Job Session 2: The Promises of God: Principles for understanding and applying the promises – Dafydd Job Session 3: Pillow and Prod: Personal reflection honing in on specific promises – Gwenan Job Session 4: “Whoever believes in…

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10 May, 2021

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9 Apr, 2021

Report on the Covid-19 year

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20 Jul, 2020

Human Destiny – J. I. Packer

by J. I. Packer

In 1991 J. I. Packer delivered a lecture in Cardiff on “Human Destiny.” In that lecture he gave a survey of the New Testament teaching on hell and responded to the annihilationist position advocated by John Stott, Phillip E. Hughes and Michael Green.

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9 Jun, 2020

Facing a task unfinished

by Frank Houghtonby Keith and Kristyn Getty

Facing a task unfinished Original words by Frank Houghton, Music by Samuel Wesley. New words and music by Keith Getty, Kristyn Getty, Ed Cash, and Fionan De Barra; © 2015 OMF International Sung at EMW Aber Conference 2017 Free to download and use within church online services (provided correct licenses are in place) – please…

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1 Sep, 2010

How Christians come to believe in revival

by Stuart Olyott

How Christians come to believe in revival This article is about revival, so I ought to explain how I am using the word. By ‘revival’ I mean a sovereign act of God in which He pours out His Holy Spirit with the result that people are awed by His being, His attributes and His works….

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1 Jul, 2010

For such a time as this…

by David Ollertonby Mark Barnesby Stuart Olyott

For such a time as this… There are few men who have a better grasp of the gospel situation in Wales than David Ollerton (chairman of Waleswide), and Stuart Olyott (Pastoral Director of the EMW). Both men have spent years visiting, encouraging and learning from churches throughout Wales. We caught up with them to hear…

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12 Aug, 2004

Andrew Davies – Aber 2004:3

by Andrew Davies

Thursday morning at Aber 2004. Andrew Davies speaking on revival – The Spirit’s Witness Through Works.

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