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18 Jun, 2020

EMW Daily Devotion – 19 June 2020

by Meirion Thomas

There the hand of the LORD was on him. Ezekiel 1:3   “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” So reads the opening line of Charles Dickens’s classic novel A Tale of Two Cities. It’s a good description and assessment of the life and times of Ezekiel too. Back in…

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16 Jun, 2020

Your Glorious Cross Centred Ministry 2

by Andy Christofides

Second session from BalaLite 2020 Your Glorious Cross Centred Ministry 2

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10 Aug, 2004

Spencer Cunnah – Aber 2004

by Spencer Cunnah

Tuesday evening at Aber 2004. Spencer Cunnah speaking on Ezekiel 33:11-12 – ‘The Heart of God’

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14 Aug, 2003

Ian Hamilton – Aber 2003

by Ian Hamilton

Ian Hamilton at the 2003 Aber conference. Speaking on ‘A pleading God’, Ezekiel 33:1-11

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15 Aug, 2002

Achille Blaize – Aber 2002

by Achille Blaize

Friday Evening at Aber 2002. Acille Blalize speaking on Ezekiel 33 – ‘Why will you die?’

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17 Aug, 1990

Peter Jeffery – Aber 1990

by Peter Jeffery

Friday evening at Aber 1990. Peter Jeffery speaking on Ezekiel 13:10 – ‘Whitewash’

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