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  • RT @the_EMW: @emwcamps For 2018, there will be a new Easter holiday camp. Look out for it in the brochure, and online before Christmas!2 weeks ago

  • RT @the_EMW: At this time of year @emwcamps are busy designing the brochure, appointing leaders, and booking venues.2 weeks ago

  • RT @NoddfaJohn: Greatly encouraged by today's @emwcamps meeting! Wonderful opportunity to leverage 25 yrs of experience from @mbarnes6 weeks ago

  • It's 5 weeks since Camps came to an end. Where's that gone?? Please keep praying for each child/young person that... weeks ago

  • RT @the_EMW: @emwcamps Then, each 2017 camp will be discussed individually with the leaders and chaplains. Thanks to MREC as they kindly ho…7 weeks ago