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  • RT @the_EMW: @emwcamps that they wouldn’t forget what they’ve heard, and that God would continue to work in their lives.1 week ago

  • RT @the_EMW: @emwcamps Thank you for your prayers over the summer. Please continue to pray for the campers as they start another year in sc…1 week ago

  • RT @the_EMW: @emwcamps And not forgetting everyone behind the scenes, in churches and at home -@emwcamps would be very difficult without yo…1 week ago

  • RT @the_EMW: Another year of @emwcamps done! A massive thank you to everyone who helped out! Leaders, officers, chaplains and cooks!1 week ago

  • RT @xbecca2110x: Another fab week serving on @emwcamps Camp 10. Energy levels are now at 0%. Totally worth it though. weeks ago