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The physical, emotional, and spiritual welfare and protection of all who engage with the EMW is of paramount importance to us. This is particularly true of children, young people, and adults at risk of abuse. We will ensure that best practice in safeguarding is embedded into the culture of the EMW at all levels, recognising that safeguarding is the responsibility of everyone who represents the EMW, and we will take action if abuse is suspected, has occurred or is likely to occur.

  • If you have information about a safeguarding situation where a child or adult is in immediate danger or requires urgent medical attention, please call the emergency services now on 999 – DO NOT DELAY.

We are committed to:

  • Maintaining an environment that is safe from harm, protective, caring and nurturing for all who engage with our ministries, in accordance with our doctrines and beliefs as outlined in our governing documents.
  • Responding to concerns and allegations quickly and effectively.
  • Upholding each person’s right to be treated transparently and sensitively with equality, respect, and care.
  • Valuing and listening to the voices of the people whom we serve, including those who are vulnerable.
  • Ensuring that our workers (both paid and unpaid) understand the different kinds of abuse and how to respond.
  • Working in partnership with local and national agencies and organisations to promote the welfare of and to protect each member of our community, particularly the vulnerable
  • Learn and evaluate how we respond to safeguarding situations.
  • Ensuring that we have appropriate insurance policies for our work.
  • Ensuring that our workers understand their roles, especially recognising when we act in loco parentis for children and young people.
  • Ensuring that we fulfil our statutory duties, including following the National Safeguarding Procedures for Wales, and the prevention of radicalisation (Prevent Duty 2015, updated in 2021).

A copy of our safeguarding policy can be found at the bottom of this webpage.

The EMW have a Safeguarding Team can be contacted for advice and support in relation to safeguarding concerns

  • Person with Trustee Responsibilities for Safeguarding – Rebecca Jones
  • Safeguarding Officer – Parry Davies (contact here or 01248 354653)
  • Staff member responsible for Safeguarding – Steffan Job (0800 4647676
  • Safeguarding Administrative Officer – Rebecca Gethin (01248 354653
  • Health and Safety Officer – Steve Webster
  • Chairman of trustees – David Norbury

What should you do if you are concerned about an activity or element of EMW work?

It is important to us that we address all aspects of safeguarding with integrity and transparency. We therefore provide the following list to show how we will deal with any concerns or allegations.

  • A Safeguarding Concern is a feeling or worry (confirmed or unconfirmed) that a child, young person or an adult may be at risk of harm or may have been harmed. Procedures on how we deal with a safeguarding concern are found in section 12 of the policy.
  • A Safeguarding Allegation is a claim or concern that someone who has access to vulnerable people including children, young people, and adults at risk of abuse has caused harm to an individual, committed a criminal offence involving such a person or behaved in a way that may indicate that they are unsuitable to work with such people. Procedures on how we deal with a safeguarding allegation are found in section 13 of the policy.
  • A concern about practice is a concern that methods of operation within the organisation are (or are potentially) placing individuals at risk of harm. Procedures on how we deal with a concern about practice is found in section 15 of the policy.
  • Whistleblowing is raising a concern externally that practices or procedures in the charity places people at risk. Procedures on how we deal with whistleblowing is found in section 16 of the policy.

Need more information?

Please contact the Staff member responsible for safeguarding. If your call is urgent, please ring 07484297015

Evangelical Movement of Wales safeguarding policy 2024 final

Copy of the handbook

safeguarding booklet final

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