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16 Aug, 2018

Stuart Olyott – Aber 2018

by Stuart Olyott

Thursday evening at Aber 18. Stuart Olyott speaking on Mark 4:35-5:43 – ‘Tall me the stories of Jesus’

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12 Aug, 2015

Paul David Tripp – Aber 2015: 2

by Paul David Tripp

Wednesday Evening at Aber 2015 – Paul David Tripp speaking on Mark 6:45-52 – ‘The difference between amazement and faith’

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14 Aug, 2013

Alistair Begg – Aber 2013: Question Time! 2

by Alistair Begg

Wednesday Morning at Aber 2013. Alistair Begg speaking on Mark 4:1-20 – ‘Do you not understand’

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Neville Rees – Aber 2012
6 Aug, 2012

Neville Rees – Aber 2012

by Neville Rees

Monday Evening at Aber 2012. Neville Rees speaking on Mark 5:1-20 – ‘The transforming work of the Lord Jesus Christ in your life and mine’

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15 Aug, 2006

Joel Beeke – Aber 2006:1

by Joel Beeke

Tuesday morning at Aber 2006. Joel Beeke speaking on Mark 15:21 – ‘Walking as He walked: Jesus’ cross-bearing and ours’.

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11 Aug, 2004

David Carmichael – Aber 2004

by David Carmichael

Wednesday evening at Aber 2004. David Carmichael speaking on Mark 13:24-27 – ‘A day like no other’

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10 Aug, 1999

Gwynn Williams – Aber 1999

by Gwynn Williams

Tuesday evening at Aber 1999. Gwynn Williams speaking on Mark 2:17 – ‘Jesus the doctor’

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12 Aug, 1991

Philip Eveson – Aber 1991

by Philip Eveson

Monday evening at Aber 1991. Philip Eveson speaking on Mark 8:36-37 – ‘The value of a soul’

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