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Graham Harrison

29 May, 2020

Mighty Christ from time eternal

by Graham Harrisonby Titus Lewis

Mighty Christ from time eternal vv. 1&3, Titus Lewis, v.2 Anonymous; tr. by Graham Stuart Harrison, © Graham Stuart Harrison Sung at EMW Aber Conference 2018 Free to download and use within church online services (provided correct licenses are in place) – please visit for more information. Download video here – 

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1 Mar, 2012

‘It is finished!’

by Graham Harrison

‘It is finished!’ Surely one of the reasons why we have four Gospels is that together they give us a composite picture of the life, ministry and teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ. In this way we are enabled to build up a more complete picture of His actual day-to-day ministry. Put together what Matthew,…

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1 Jan, 2011

A prayer for today

by Graham Harrison

A prayer for today The following article was written while the writer was on holiday in New England. Spiritually the place is far different from the 1740-50s when Edwards and others knew such remarkable evidences of the mercy of God in what has become known to history as ‘The Great Awakening’. One Sunday morning I…

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11 Aug, 1983

Graham Harrison – Aber 1983

by Graham Harrison

Thursday Evening at Aber 1983. Graham Harrison speaking on Romans 10:11-16 – ‘Why people don’t obey the Gospel?’

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