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Team Talk

Bringing Pastors and Leaders for encouragement and support

Bringing Pastors and Leaders together for encouragement and support through a weekly online meeting

  • A place where you are among friends who recognise the unique pressures you have, as a servant of God in the local church.
  • A place to talk tactics and find help during the lockdown
  • A place to be refreshed and encouraged

It seems our weekly webinar is proving to be a blessing and encouragement to many of you. We are delighted about this as this is our intention and because it is now a regular weekly fixture we have decided to call it ‘Team Talk’ – thanks to our brother Pete Campbell for coming up with the name. The idea is that just as a team needs to get together at half time to talk tactics, be encouraged, inspired and even sorted out by the physio – you need this version of this too as you serve in ministry. The longer our current situation goes on, the more we need each other’s fellowship, as inevitably more challenges will emerge. Being able to talk and pray together is a great blessing and so Team Talk is open to all who are in leadership in the life of a local church.

Upcoming meetings:

Tuesday 19th January 2021, 12:30pm

  • Topic: Rest for your soul
  • Speaker: Bernard Lewis
  • ‘Our good friend the recently retired Bernard Lewis picked me up on something I said two weeks ago about how many Church Leaders are tired at this time of year and I guess doubly so because of our current and unfamiliar context. Bernard suggested it might be helpful to have a short presentation that speaks into this. So this Tuesday Bernard has been volunteered to do this 😉 under the title of, ‘Rest for your soul’. When I switched on my computer this morning I saw an add for an article on the seven kinds of rest that apparently we all need. Needless to say it didn’t explore the kind of rest that Bernard will be speaking about and is such a power for good in the life of a Christian leader. Following Bernard’s short talk you will have time to pray and be prayed for. What better way to spend your lunch hour? (Don’t be afraid to bring your lunch along too.)
    I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday at 12.30pm for an hour of rich encouragement and fellowship.
    God bless you and keep you safe
    Phil Swann’
  • This event is free of charge, but you will need to register here if you haven’t previously attended a TeamTalk meeting.


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