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Support for Pastors' Wives

An opportunity to encourage and support women in this unique situation

Being a pastor’s wife means different things to different people, but it is clear that the wife of a Pastor or Christian worker faces unique challenges. It has been a long-standing aim of the EMW to try and support the wives of Christian leaders who do so much to enable their husbands to minister to others. Wives of Christian leaders often have to shoulder heavy burdens with very little support themselves due to the nature of their husbands’ work.

We were therefore thrilled when we were able to set up a specific ministry to try and support wives a few years ago. The events that we organise give an opportunity for pastor’s wives to relax, be ministered to and have an opportunity for fellowship with other women in similar situations. They are not training events, but an opportunity to encourage and support women in their unique situation.

Upcoming events:

The Pastors’ Wives Conference