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Pastoral Support

Nurturing and caring for pastors and church leaders

Every Pastor knows that it can be very lonely for him and his family in the’ pressure cooker’ of ministry and every Pastor knows that ultimately, only another Pastor understands a Pastor. We all know the reality of the Lord’s kind provision of family and friends to comfort and support us, but sometimes the struggles we face may be best supported by another brother Pastor. Getting that support is not always as easy as it sounds. Sometimes we don’t know where to begin.

The EMW are constantly looking at ways to develop pastoral support for people in ministry in Wales today. In particular support and resources are available, but sometimes the connection between us and the help that is there, is not made. To respond to this we can offer the following:


  • Regular meetings where pastors come together for mutual support, fellowship and prayer

The Titus Fellowship

  • A local pastor in each area of Wales to provide a ‘first port of call’ for any church leader