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For the Bala Conference


There are four main types of allocated time in the timetable:

Meetings – these are times when all are together in the main hall. Meetings typically last 90mins and include a devotional time to start, ministry and then a time to reflect, either through prayer or discussion.

Prayer groups – there are two sessions this year. All men chose a group and have a time of sharing, reflecting and praying together.

Prayer meetings – prayer is a vital part of the conference. The prayer meeting gives an opportunity for all to meet together and pray.

Free time and refreshments – these are times of fellowship (and great food). Activities are also organised this year to ensure that all have the option of joining in with others.


  • 12.00 Registration
  • 1.00 Lunch
  • 2.00 An Enduring Ministry 1 – Phil Swann
  • 3.30 Refreshments
  • 4.00 Prayer Groups
  • 6.00 Dinner
  • 7.30 An ordinary church but an extraordinary time – Bob Cotton


  • 8.00 Breakfast
  • 9.00 Prayer Meeting
  • 10.30 Coffee
  • 11.00 An Enduring Ministry 2 – Phil Swann
  • 1.00 Lunch and free time
  • 4.00 The image of God, implications for Christian witness today – Paul Wells
  • 6.00 Dinner
  • 7.30 Mission in a Crumbling Culture – Andrew Carter



  • 8.00 Breakfast
  • 9.00 The Saints Everlasting Rest – Bernard Lewis
  • 10.30 Prayer groups
  • 11.00 Bacon Butties
  • 11.45 An Enduring Ministry 3 – Phil Swann
  • 1.15 Finish


* (programme can change before the event)