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Previous Conferences

Previous Bala Conferences:

Due to the sensitive nature of some of the topics covered, we will often not publish audio for the Bala Conference.

What is available can be found below

2022 – Experiential Christianity in the life of the ordinary pastor (Main Speaker – Stuart Olyott) [Click here to listen]

2020 – BalaLite

2019 – An Enduring Ministry (Main Speaker – Phil Swann) [Click here to listen]

2018 – The generous leader (Main Speaker – Jonathan Thomas) [Click here to listen]

2017 – The glory of Jesus Christ in his person and work (Main Speaker – Stephen Clark) [Click here to listen]

2016 – Spiritual Warfare (Main speaker – Phil Hill)

2015 – The Heart of the Matter (Main speaker – Mike Reeves) [Click here to listen]

2014 – Jehova Saves (Main speaker – Geoff Thomas) [Click here to listen]

2013 – Hosea: Our context, Our Gospel and Our God (Main speaker – Ian Parry) [Click here to listen]

2012 – Serve the Lord with gladness (Main speaker – Paul Mallard)

2011 – The Gospel of God (Main Speaker – Don Carson) [Click here to listen]

2010 – Proclaiming Christ in changing times (Main speaker – David Meredith) [Click here to listen]

2009 – If the foundation be destroyed? (Main speaker – Gwynn Williams)

Some of the recordings are to be found in the resource pages of this site (we often do not publish recordings of leaders events due to the sensitive nature of the content).