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The Bala Conference

The Glory of Jesus Christ in his person and work

The Glory of Jesus Christ in his person and work

  • 12-14 June, 2017
  • Bryn-y-groes Conference Centre, Bala, North Wales
  • Speakers confirmed for 2017 – Stephen Clark, Adrian Brake, Lindsay Brown, Andy Pitt, John Funnell and Mark Barnes


‘All true Christian service flows out of a spiritual vision of the glory of Jesus Christ. The different conference messages, whether expository, pastoral, historical or missionary, will demonstrate and illustrate this reality. What the Bible says about the greatness of the Person and Work of Christ was celebrated in the hymns and writings of William Williams and in the missionary vision of Calvin. The prayer of the Conference organizers is that we shall be refreshed with “a new vision of Jesus” and stimulated and encouraged to serve Him throughout the world in our generation.’

Why come?

Apart from the stunning views, warm hospitality, great food and opportunity to relax, this is a wonderful time of fellowship and ministry. The Bala Ministers’ Conference is for men whose heart and passion is for the gospel and this year we welcome Steven Clark, Lindsay Brown, Adrian Brake and many more as speakers, and look forward to their ministry. This conference seeks to be a great time of encouragement and help to you as you minister the gospel today. It is a marvellous opportunity to join with other Bible-believing, cross-centred and Christ-loving men from across Wales and the UK for prayer, ministry and fellowship in a relatively small conference setting (90 attendees). There is a strong emphasis on both the word and spirit – we believe true Christianity is both Biblical and experiencial, and the conference reflects this. We also make a great effort to be practical and helpful to the situation we find ourselves in Wales, with the speakers very often reflecting a true understanding of the culture and communities of Wales.

I look forward to seeing you and sharing fellowship with you at Bala. A warm Welsh welcome, fellowship with gospel men and clear Bible ministry – what more could you want?

Phil Swann
(EMW trustee and minister of Llanelli Free Evangelical Church)

Who can come?

The conference is open to men who are called to a recognised pastoral/teaching ministry, including those who have completed their course of training and are about to begin their ministry.

The flyer

More information

We hope that you will find all relevant information about the conference (including information about accommodation and bursaries) on the sub-pages. However if you have any questions, please contact the North Wales office who’s staff will be more than happy to try and answer them and help you.

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Booking for the conference

Listen to past conference sermons here.