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The Pastors' Wives' Conference

An opportunity to meet with other pastors’ wives for fellowship, teaching and mutual support.

The Pastors’ Wives’ Conference is an opportunity to meet with other pastors’ wives for fellowship, teaching and mutual support.

2021 Conference Details

‘Honey, where’s my supersuit?’ – Maintaining your husband in Ministry

23rd & 24th April 2021
Online Conference
Speaker: Ann Benton

Why a conference?

Being a pastor’s wife means different things to different people. But it is clear that wives of pastors or Christian workers face unique challenges. This weekend provides an opportunity for pastors’ wives to relax, be ministered to and have an opportunity for fellowship with other women in similar situations. It is not a training event, but an opportunity to encourage and support women in this unique situation.

For Who?

The conference is open to wives of pastors.

What will be happening?

We will be having two online sessions via Zoom, one on the Friday evening and the other on Saturday morning. We will send you the links for these on the morning of Friday 23rd April. If you don’t receive the links, please email You are welcome to join us for the first parts of each session and leave before the discussions, whatever you are most comfortable with. If you would be more comfortable joining without video, you are very welcome to do so.

We will open the meeting room from around 7pm if you would like any help with adjusting to Zoom, changing your screen names, and for a little informal chat as people join up.

Friday 23rd, 7:30pm

  • “Caring for God’s servant” – A look at a passage from 2 Kings, using it to unpack some of the privileges and joys of being the woman behind the man in the pulpit.
  • A talk from Ann and an opportunity to discuss, share and pray for each other in small groups afterwards.

Saturday 24th, 10:30am

  • “The Delight of his Eyes” – An honest talk about sex in marriage – its importance, its impediments, its improvements.
  • A talk from Ann, followed by a question and answer session. You can submit questions anonymously through this form.