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For His Glory Project

For New Pastors

The first few years in Pastoral ministry are often thrilling and demanding. God sends many challenges to both humble and excite you in His service. One moment you feel overwhelmed by the difficulties the next it’s the sheer privilege of seeing Christ work through your ministry and it’s all part of a days work for God’s servants. These are formative years – years that mould your thinking and character as a man of God for future service. They are also years when the friends you make may be some of the greatest encouragements for your future ministry.

The For His Glory Project

It’s incredible how quickly a ‘history’ can be developed! The New Pastors’ Work of the EMW started in 2009, when we organised a conference for men who were in their first five years of ministry. The aim of the work was to support men as they worked through the first few years and unique challenges of ministry. During the coming years we organised five conferences with roughly 60 men passing through the programme, gaining valuable support, life-long friends and teaching. Some of the recordings from those first conference can be found on our website.

We feel that it is now time to start again with a new group of men, and therefore invite any gospel believing man who has entered ministry (or a new pastorate) in the last seven years to join us.

The aim of the ministry is to give time and an opportunity for men who are in a similar new and demanding position to meet up, pray, develop lifelong friendships and share together. Another aspect is the support they will be getting from the hosts of the events, who are experienced Christian ministers.

The events are open to those who have entered Christian ministry in the last 7 years (or have recently entered a new pastorate and would benefit from this retreat). All the sessions are specifically prepared with new ministers in mind, with plenty of opportunity to share, discuss and ask questions.

Upcoming Events:

Day conference

  • Aberystwyth