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The Barnabas Group

Webinars for Church Leaders

The Barnabas Group – Exploring Pastoral Care for today

The Barnabas Group is an opportunity for church leaders and their wives to explore some of the pastoral challenges we often feel under resourced or equipped to respond to. We hope that the Barnabas Group will provide help and encouragement in response to some of these areas. Support is given through a webinar (short for Web-based seminar) where a presentation and seminar is transmitted over the Web using video conferencing software. The webinar will have interactive elements where individuals can give, receive and discuss information in real-time.
Each session will include:

  • Information and Training from a Christian with experience in the field;
  • An opportunity to ask questions;

The meetings are open to those who are in a leadership role and/or have a pastoral responsibility within the Church. This includes Pastors, Elders, Officers and their wives/husbands.

A list of webinars that have been held can be seen here

Next Webinars:

7.30pm, 18 November

‘Holding hands in the dark’ – Partnering with Christians with depression (Philip Swann)

Phil Swann will be taking a pastoral look at how churches may better understand and walk with those facing the struggle of depression. Depression is common in our culture and common among Christians, but often Churches feel the dilemma of wanting to help but not knowing how to help. Sometimes a Church, may even make things worse for sufferers. This Webinar is open to anyone with an interest in depression and church, and we shall be exploring some pastoral responses to this. (Feel free to submit questions for possible consideration). To register, please click here or use the link below.

7.30pm 13 January, 2020

A Biblical and Pastoral Response to Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse is an ugly, but all too real, problem that is often not dealt with well within our churches. How are we to respond biblically to such situations? How do pastors and church leaders address this problem when both victim and abuser are part of their congregation? As well as explaining the reality of this issue, the webinar will give helpful guidelines and suggestions for church leaders dealing with cases of domestic abuse.

Speaker: Dr. Eryl Davies. Elder at Heath Church Cardiff, retired principal of the Evangelical Theological Collage of Wales and author of Christian books including ‘Hidden Evil: A biblical and pastoral response to domestic abuse’.

To register,please click here

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