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For the Church training days

Here are the seminars for 2020, please be aware that not all seminars will be available at both dates (please see individual programme for details for both days):

What are we aiming for?

  • Mike Adams (SU Cymru) will be leading the seminar looking at the aim of working with children and young people. Through looking at various Bible passages we’ll aim to understand the basis for our work with youth and children. A great seminar for those involved with kids/youth groups, family services and Sunday School.

Calling a Pastor

  • It can be a difficult task to lead a church through the process of finding a new pastor – but that is what many have to do, often with very little support in an independent setting. Mark Thomas will be leading this seminar that looks at some of the principles and practicalities of calling a pastor or church leader.


  • A seminar lead by Wendy Lemon, a safeguarding expert who has led social service teams and now works for the Church in Wales. The seminar will help churches not only deal with current legislation, but more importantly to help churches care for children, young people and vulnerable adults. A must for anybody who has responsibility for safeguarding in their church.

Welcoming people to church

  • The gap between many churches and the communities that they try and reach out to is growing. How can we ensure that people feel welcomed and, maybe more importantly, know that they will be welcomed before setting foot in the building. John Funnell will be leading this seminar looking at how we can take steps to ensure that our churches are places that people can turn to.

Mission in a box

  • Steffan Job (EMW worker) will be leading this seminar. Steffan is convinced that one of the main tasks for Churches in Wales is not getting Non-Christians in to church, but getting Christians out talking openly about their faith. In this seminar Steffan will be sharing how the EMW have been trying to help local churches do this. There will testimonies of people who have worked with the EMW, examples of what we’ve been doing and information as to how the EMW can help you and your church.

This is all I’ve got – positive ideas to help with your youth and children work.

  • Youth and children’s work in our churches is less a matter of big organised teams working in state of the art buildings with every resource under the sun, but more a matter of a small group of volunteers struggling to juggle work, family and the youth group on a Friday evening in the church building. This session will give practical and real ideas to help you run your work with youth.

Reaching different people effectively

  • There are many groups of people that we struggle to effectively share the gospel with, especially those whose lifestyle seem so at odds with the Christian message and culture. In this practical seminar John Funnell will be looking at how we can help our churches to reach out to these people.

Relationship and Sexuality education – the new curriculum

  • Gareth Edwards works for the Christian Institute in Wales. It’s been impossible to ignore some of the rhetoric that’s been coming out of the National Assembly in Wales in relation to children and young people – there’s a great deal of worry amongst Christians: this is something that’s going to affect us all. Gareth will be sharing information and advice on the changes.

Why we need to weep, not rant over our culture

  • Society is changing and it can be all too easy for us as Christians to rant about these changes and look for legislation to help us. In this seminar Matt Francis will be looking at how the Church should be responding? This seminar will explore how we can show Christ-like compassionate gospel heartedness in Wales.

Is your leadership healthy?

  • The Bible seems to be less concerned about the style of our leadership than the heart and character of a leader. David Norbury will be will help us to look at our character and leadership in light of what the Bible says – is your leadership healthy?

Juggling church commitments and work: keeping the balance

  • For many years Gareth Jones was an elder in his local church in Lampeter (which didn’t have a pastor), helped with setting up and running the mustard seed cafe and also the head of the local education authority. In this seminar he will share some Biblical principles and practical suggestions as to how to keep the balance between a busy job, family life and church leadership. (South only)

Understanding Scripture: reading, understanding and teaching the Bible.

  • Elspeth Pitt is on the working staff at Highfields Church Cardiff. In this seminar she’ll be looking at the book of Philemon and modelling how to understand the overall meaning and content of the book, showing how to apply it to real life. (South only)

This is all I’ve got – positive ideas to help with your Kids group

  • Paul Davies works with a number of Churches in south Wales to help run their children work. In this session he will share how he does this. He will give practical ideas and suggestions as to how to plan, prepare and run a children’s work over a long period of time.

Lessons learned by a Pastor

  • Meirion Thomas has worked as a pastor for many years, and as he nears retirement he will be sharing some of the lessons he has learned over the years. This will be a very useful session for both pastors and Church officers. (South only)

Count it all Joy

  • We all know that church leadership can be painful at times. As we focus in on planning, problem solving and counselling through difficulties, is it possible to do so filled with the joy of the Lord? In this seminar Phil Swann will be looking at what Biblical joy looks like and how we can foster it in our own lives and in the lives our church.

Growing the next generation of leaders in the church

  • In this seminar Jason Duffin will be looking at how we help the next generation of leaders to grow and flourish as we equip them for the work in an accountable way.

‘Thriving, not just surviving as a church leader – how to ensure your own wellbeing’

  • Church leadership can be incredibly demanding as you oversee and shepherd God’s people in our complex and fast-changing society.  How can you ensure that your wellbeing and the wellbeing of your family is sustained in such a pressured role?  How does the wisdom of scripture bear upon these issues so that you thrive, and not just survive.  The seminar is designed to tackle these questions head-on by applying the wisdom of proverbs to these issues and by looking in depth at our personality and temperament.Geoff Cresswell is an elder at Highfields Church, Cardiff.  He mentors pastors in leadership and delivers training on biblical leadership.  He also mentors headteachers and runs a wellbeing course involving over 200 headteachers from across Wales.  He was a headteacher himself for 21 years in four schools   He is a school inspector for Estyn, specialising in inspecting leadership.

How to listen to a sermon

  • We can’t take it for granted that Christians listen and know what to do with a sermon. Tim Holwett will be looking at how we listen to sermons in his seminar. He will also be looking at ways we encourage others in our churches to listen and respond to preaching the Word of God.