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Making known the gospel of Christ

Jesus Power without Measure by J Douglas MacMillan

  • Price – £8.99
  • ISBN – 9781783971664
  • Pages – 198

Jesus: Power without Measure ranks as one of the most pivotal books in my understanding of the person and work of Christ. It sheds biblical light on every aspect of Christ’s atoning work. It is a delightful and necessary read for every Christian, especially those who seek to imitate and preach Christ! Dr Paul David Washer Founder of HeartCry Missionary Society, USA.

This is an easy but stimulating read. More than that, it is a classic and an extremely relevant book. That is because it expounds the biblical data concerning the ministry of the Holy Spirit with, in, and through the Lord Jesus Christ all through his life and in every aspect of his saving work. You will be enriched as well as humbled by reading this book and reflecting also on the study questions provided after each chapter. The book can be used profitably in a reading/discussion group in church or in family worship.Dr D Eryl Davies Author and Research Supervisor, Union School of Theology, Bryntirion, Bridgend, UK.

The seventeenth-century Scottish pastor Samuel Rutherford said,‘We dwell far from the well, and complain but dryly of our own dryness and dullness. We are rather dry than thirsty’. In Jesus: Power without Measure, Douglas MacMillan brings everyone who thirsts to know and follow Jesus of Nazareth to the fountain. Here we see the humanity of Jesus and the beauty of His dependence upon the Spirit, and we are moved to say again: O what an Only One is this Jesus! Dr John Snyder Founding Pastor, Christ Church, New Albany, Mississippi, USA.

Preaching an Awesome Task (Wrath, Final Judgement, Hell and the Glorious Gospel) by Eryl Davies

  • Price – £5.99
  • ISBN – 9781783971572
  • Pages – 112

This book serves as a reality check for the gospel preacher. By way of clear exegesis, stirring quotations, telling illustrations and probing questions, Eryl Davies compels us to ask, ‘Does my preaching about the wrath of God reflect the manner and method of my Saviour’s?’ I remember being deeply stirred by this book when I first started out in the ministry in the 1980s, and it has had the same effect on me now, some 30 years later. Over the years it is fairly easy for a preacher to settle into preaching Biblical Truth in a way that he and his hearers are comfortable and at ease with. This book jolts us out of any preaching-comfort-zone by warning, urging and encouraging us to preach wrath, final judgement, hell and the glorious gospel in a way that our Master Preacher and Precious Saviour did. Paul Pease, Pastor, Hook Evangelical Church, Surrey

Of the many reasons the Church has for giving thanks to the Lord for Eryl Davies, his writings over the years on this subject rank near the forefront. This book provides a thorough yet readable reminder of Christian doctrine sadly often neglected, both in personal meditation and public preaching, by the modern church. Gordon Cook, Pastor, New Inn Congregational Church, South Wales

Dr Davies has spent a lifetime serving Christ’s church as a Pastor, a theologian and a local churchman. The need for Biblical wisdom in dealing with the wrath of God is ably met by him. I commend this volume to you and pray that it will have a wide readership. It will take you a couple of hours to read, but it will be worth it. God willing your preaching will be changed by it and so will the people God has entrusted to your care. Paul Levy, Minister, International Presbyterian Church, Ealing, London