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A bilingual magazine to share the good news of Christ

The Christmas edition of Ask!

This Christmas the EMW is producing a short bilingual magazine to share the good news of Jesus. This magazine is being offered to Churches, and the details are below:

  • Clear, warm, gospel presentation with no Christian jargon;
  • Written especially for the people of Wales;
  • Short testimonies, clear articles, children’s page, Bible readings;
  • Customizable with area on inside cover for Church details;
  • A5 Size 28 page (fully Bilingual (Welsh and English));
  • Option to produce stickers with message from your church on the front page;
  • Any links received by the EMW will be passed on to local Church;
  • Delivered by December 1st


We aim to have the pdf version of the magazine ready by 8th November.

  • Cover – with space for church sticker
  • Inside page – Contents, plus space for church details
  • Page 3 – ‘A person is for life, not just for Christmas’ – An acknowledgement that we all need Christmas as a time to relax, see family, and receive gifts, but we need more… thankfully, there is more in Jesus that gives meaning and hope beyond Christmas.
  • Page 4-5 – Personal Testimony
  • Page 6-7 – ‘What does Christmas mean to you?’ Quotes from different Christians from across Wales about the hope of Christmas.
  • Page 7 – ‘A reason to Celebrate’ Mini article based on Isaiah 9:2
  • Page 8-9 – Kids pages with puzzles and colouring based on the Christmas story
  • Page 10-11 – Caricatures – An article challenging people’s perception of Christmas, God, Jesus and hell
  • Page 12-13 – Christmas – the answer to our suffering?’ – Answering the question, why does God allow suffering by showing: 1 – there is something wrong, 2 – God cares – which is why he sent Jesus, who suffered at Christmas, and on the cross to save us from even worse suffering
  • Page 13 – Questions – mini article challenging people to ask questions
  • Page 14 – Digging deeper – Bible Readings and an invitation to Church

Prices –

  • Single price – £1.50 (£1.50 each)
  • Pack of 5 – £4.00 (80p each)
  • Pack of 10 – £7.00 (70p each)
  • Pack of 50 – £29.00 (58p each)
  • Pack of 100 – £45.00 (45p each)
  • Pack of 500 – £100 (20p each)
  • Pack of 1000 – £180 (18p each)

You can order here on the website

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More information?

  • For more information, please give us a call (01248 354653) or email (