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A bilingual magazine to share the good news of Christ

The Christmas edition of Ask!

This year, the EMW will once again be producing its bilingual Christmas evangelistic magazine, ‘Ask’. The aim of this small publication is to share the gospel clearly in a way that most people can understand. Included this year are true stories of God’s power at work in people’s lives, some simple articles drawing attention to some of the greatest needs of people in Wales and showing how the gospel is the answer. There is a colouring page for children, some practical articles on how to save money and plan ahead, and we’ve also included something about the football world cup! A full list of the articles can be found below.

The magazine is A5 (therefore can be easily posted through a letter box), and fully bilingual (therefore can be shared in most households in Wales with confidence). There is space on the inside cover to put the details of your church, or you can purchase stickers to put a personalised message on the front.

It is our prayer that these magazines will be used by God to bring the gospel to people who would normally never come to church.

You can purchase Ask/Holi through our website or by phoning the North Wales office and there are church packs to suit the budgets of most churches.

Ask/Holi 2022

  • Front page – colourful Christmas theme with some highlighted topics. Space for Church Sticker.
  • Page 1 – Contents and space for church details
  • Page 2 – ‘We wish you a blessed Christmas and a hopeful New year!’ – gospel article to share how Christmas is about the birth of Jesus, God’s Son who can be depended upon for the New Year and beyond.
  • Page 3-4 – ‘All things’ – personal testimony of a Christian who has faced suffering but has been kept by God through the gospel.
  • Page 5 – How to save money this Christmas (and into the New year) – Biblical wisdom to live by
  • Page 6 – Peace – gospel article showing how Christ brings real peace
  • Page 7-8 – Football is not the only thing that will be celebrated around the globe this December – Article giving personal stories by Christians from around the world as to how and why they celebrate Christmas
  • Page 9-10 – Do not be anxious – Article in an easy to read format sharing what the Bible teaches about worry, and how the gospel brings hope that goes beyond anything this world can give.
  • Page 11-12 – Children’s pages
  • Page 13 – An invitation to church – article explaining what to expect in church and why people should visit in Wales today.
  • There will also be Bible verses dispersed throughout the magazine.




  • Single copy: £1.80
  • 10 copies: £10 (£1.00 per copy)
  • 50 copies: £35 (70p per copy)
  • 100 copies: £54 (54p per copy)
  • 500 copies: £130 (26p per copy)
  • 1000 copies: £220 (22p per copy)


You can order here on the website



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More information?

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