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Resources for Evangelism

Serving Churches and Christians for over 70 years

Over the next few months we aim to make available many resources for evangelism. We also have the following that may be of use to you:

A Passion for Life

Welsh Language Evangelism Training Videos

The Evangelism Committee

A group of evangelists and pastors from around Wales who come together to pray, plan and look for opportunities to support mission. For more information contact the North Wales office.

The Evangelism fund

The EMW have started a fund to support evangelism. To give to this fund please send donations to the South Wales office, clearly marked for the ‘Evangelism fund’.

Darganfod Cristnogaeth

A translation of the Christianity Explored into Welsh.

Welsh Language Tracts

A number of Welsh language and bilingual tracts are available from the North Wales office

Evangelistic Newspaper and Articles

The EMW hold a bank of articles that have been used to produce evangelistic newspapers. Contact the South Wales office for more information.


A Bilingual evangelistic magazine