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The Royal Welsh

The Royal Welsh Show Mission

  • 22-25 July, 2019
  • Builth Wells
  • Leader – Sam Oldridge

On the show ground we’ll be engaging with people to learn what gives meaning to their lives. Through the questionnaires, the ‘Ask’ magazine and the discussions we’ll be asking the big questions of life. We’ll be using the pearl of great worth parable to try and show that God isn’t far away and isn’t the ‘old man in the cloud’ portrayed by so many today. We want to show that he’s closer than anyone could imagine and he’s full of love – coming to know him is the real treasure in life. We hope to show that people can’t ignore God, they must accept him and come to him through Jesus.

So why not come over to see us? – we’d love to have a chat and get to know you.

What’s the plan this year?

There will be a team of Christians working on the field by serving and chatting with people.

The Theme – ‘Life to the Full’

Questionnaires – We aim to fill hundreds of questionnaires during the week – we want to hear and learn what people believe about life.

The tent – We’ll be using a large gazebo (9m x 9m) to serve teas and coffees and to provide people with an opportunity to look at some of the answers that people have given.

The Ask magazine – We’ll be producing a bilingual magazine that will be shared free of charge.

How can you help?

  • Take part – if you have a burden to reach people with the gospel, then please get in touch with Steffan Job in the North Wales office here
  • Pray – This is the most important thing you can do. We’re very aware that we’re completely dependant on God. We want to follow his guidance and want to be in his will. Please pray for the mission – especially that people would be saved. Letter2Builth
  • Contribute – it can be very costly to run a mission of this kind. The project will cost over £2000. If you want to contribute, head over to the donation page of the EMW here