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Helping Christians and Churches

Helping Churches to reach the lost

‘Another mission has galvanised the church in the task of our on-going evangelism and enabled 7,000 homes to receive a high quality gospel newspaper, written by and for the people of Tredegar. The mission meetings themselves were well attended, resulting in new faces embarking on our current ‘Christianity Explored’ course’. Steven Carter, Tredegar

What is ‘Mission Wales’?

‘Mission Wales’ is an Evangelical Movement of Wales ministry that provides tailored support for Churches to reach their communities.

At the request of a Church the EMW task group for evangelism will come alongside and help them develop their own approach and programme.

We recognise that each area is different and therefore ‘Mission Wales’ is flexible in order to suit the needs of that locality.

Many churches around Wales have run missions supported by ‘Mission Wales’. Sometimes these fellowships have worked independently but often have served alongside other Gospel Churches in their area.

Why ‘Mission Wales’?

The need for Churches to reach out is immense. Wales has seen the largest decline in Church and Chapel attendance – more than anywhere else in the UK. Someone has described the challenge that faces 21st Century Christians as ‘the re-evangelising of Wales’.

Sadly, some Churches today have lost the confidence in sharing the Gospel in their neighbourhoods, whereas others have the desire but lack the manpower.

‘Mission Wales’ seeks to encourage such fellowships to reach out and offers the practical help that a Church may need to do so.

The whole calling of EMW is to serve the Church and preach the gospel.

‘EMW came alongside us, in order to help us achieve what we wanted. We had support to design and produce a newspaper, and the people who came to help enabled us to achieve so much more than what we could have done on our own.’ Dafydd Job – Welsh language Mission

What help is offered?

The EMW will come along side a church to help to plan, resource and develop the mission. The EMW will also encourage prayer for the work by sharing news with other gospel Christians throughout Wales.

Customised newspapers are a great tool in evangelism. Not only as means of getting the Gospel through letterboxes locally, but also in raising the profile of the church and advertising services and events. These can include testimonies of local Christians and thought-provoking articles designed to point to the Lord Jesus Christ. ‘Mission Wales’ can provide the templates for these and organise the customised bilingual printing.

Help is also offered to muster a team to help Churches that lack man-power to help distribute such newspapers. To date, tens of thousands of these evangelistic newspapers have been given out by Churches around Wales.

Support has already been given in organising and leading specific Gospel opportunities such as evangelistic meals with a guest after-dinner speaker. Experienced evangelists have worked alongside to lead such events and interview Christians such as, Garin Jenkins, Fiona Castle and Robin Oake.

The focus is always on taking every opportunity to sensitively share and preach the gospel with non-believers.

Examples of outreach events and help offered…

  • Newspaper distribution
  • Testimony evenings
  • Apologetic talks
  • Special services
  • Family fun days
  • Football coaching
  • Open-air meetings
  • Coffee mornings
  • Senior Citizen’s meals
  • Stalls at local fairs or Carnivals


Mission Wales Brochure

One of the benefits in working alongside the EMW in our mission was their help and encouragement to produce 10,000 evangelistic newspapers – something we could never have done on our own’. David Finnie, Bangor

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