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Children, young people and families

The Aber Conference - Be refreshed by the word

Please note that the registration form at the bottom of this page must be filled out if you wish your child/children to attend any of the groups listed below.

If you defer registering your child until you are at the conference then please note that your child will not be allowed to attend any of the groups until the day following the registration.Please fill in the form now, it will save you having to do it later and will help us to more accurately plan so that the children get the most out of these groups. Thank you.

Children are welcome to come to the Bible Readings with you each day, however if you want space for them to roam then you can make use of the relay room or take them to one of these groups designed just for them:

Sunday Family Service

If you have children then on Sunday we will have a family service suitable for all ages so you can worship as a family.  More information about this service to follow.

Tiny Tots

Our team of happy helpers are looking forward to welcoming your little ones to Tiny Tots this year. Tiny Tots is for children under five (from six months), and runs Sunday Morning then Tuesday to Friday mornings to coincide with the main Bible Readings. Timings are such that you will be able to drop off and pick up without missing a single moment of your meeting. At Tiny Tots you can be sure your little ones will have plenty of fun. They will be playing, singing, painting, and even have time for a well earned drink and biscuit ‘pitstop’ before you collect them. But be warned they may not want to leave.

Mini Marvels

Children aged 5-7 will enjoy our brand new group.  This brand new group is an exciting venture for 5 to 7 year olds with an enthusiastic team of helpers that aims to present the wonder of being a friend of Jesus Christ through Bible truth, energetic songs, wacky games and creative crafts. There will be plenty of prizes to be won and friends to be made!
Mini Marvels is led by Alun and Lois Johnson. Alun and Lois live in Blackwood, and have two children, Gwen (8) and Tomos (6). Both Alun and Lois are primary school teachers and are members at Hope Church in Cefn Hengoed.

Holiday Heroes

Your 8-11s will love to join Holiday Heroes. Whether it’s their first time or they’ve been coming for several years  there will be great leaders to meet and new friends to be made. They will get to know more about the Bible with fun activities, cool games and quizzes. Holiday Heroes runs Tuesday to Friday mornings during the main Bible Readings. Drop off and pick up times mean you won’t need to miss any of your meeting.


If you are between 11 and 15 then JAber challenges you to get stuck into God’s Word and find out what it really means to live for him. Our leaders will help you do this with awesome Bible teaching, small group discussions and thrilling challenges. Come to all four sessions, running Tuesday to Friday during the main morning Bible Readings, meet with God and make some new friends along the way.

If you are looking after children in your university accommodation and you can’t get to the Great Hall for the Bible Readings or evening preaching meetings you can take advantage of our live broadcast over Wi-Fi.

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