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For the Aber Conference

The conference is based at Aberystwyth University and accommodation is in student Halls of Residence. You’ll have a lockable single bedroom (a small number of rooms with twin beds are available), and most rooms are ensuite. Each accommodation unit has shared kitchen and dining facilities. If your family or group fills the unit, this will be for your exclusive use — otherwise, you’ll share the kitchen and dining area with other conference guests. There are four types of accommodation, to suit all budgets, with extra discounts for families, young people, and those on a low income.

Bookings for Accommodation are now closed – if you would like to stay on campus, please get in touch direct with the university.

Costs are per person, or per family**. Prices include event passes.


Flats are perfect for those on a budget, and are available from 8 to 10-berth. They offer single rooms (though some 10-berth Flats have one twin room), with shared bathrooms, toilets, kitchen and dining area. More information here

Prices – Adult £214, Child £113, Family (2 parent) £490, Family (1 parent) £290


Also known as ‘Rosser’, these 8-berth units offer an ensuite sink, toilet, and shower. Each kitchen has a sofa, and a dining table or breakfast bar. More information here

Prices – Adult £275, Child £140, Family (2 parent) £610, Family (1 parent) £355


Newly-built, 6 or 8 berth, these generously sized single rooms have a double-bed, and an ensuite sink, toilet, and shower. Each kitchen/living area has sofas, a dining table and chairs, television and dishwasher. More info here.

Prices – Adult £355, Child £195, Family (2 parent) £895, Family (1 parent) £545


Youth Flats are for those aged 16-22 and offer the same standard of accommodation as Flats (8 berth). The Group Leader must be aged 18 or over and take responsibility for the care and wellbeing of all under 18s in the group. Unlike Camp, EMW does not act in loco parentis for 16 and 17 year olds at the conference. By booking, you agree to attend the meetings, be considerate to other guests, listen to the House Parents and remain quiet between 11pm and 8am. It is a University requirement that only those booked into a room may sleep in that room. More information here

Price – £170

*Children in a family group must be related to, adopted, or looked after by all the adults in the group, and must be 17 or under. Any other children will be charged the child rate. Children under five share a room with a family member (you will need to bring a travel cot or bed for them).

** Family bookings, how can you help us?

It has been a joy to welcome many new families to the conference over the past years, and we hope to see many extra families this year which is why we’re continuing to offer low family prices. Additionally this year we are introducing safeguarding measures to ensure that families are not required to share flats with other adults unless they have booked together, with the consent of all the parents and adults involved. To enable us to follow this policy most effectively it would be a real advantage for families to join together with others they are happy to share with to fill whole flats.

For instance a family of four, may join with grandparents to fill a six room flat in our deluxe ensuite accommodation. Alternatively two families may join together to fill a flat of ten in Cwrt Mawr. There are many permutations and possibilities! Thank you for considering this – it will help us to be as efficient as possible and maximise the use of the accommodation available to us this year.

Bursaries are available – please view the Terms and Conditions for more information.