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Terms and Conditions for Mini Camp

EMW Welsh Language Mini Camp 2024

Terms and Conditions


  1. Bookings for the Mini Camp open at 10am on Tuesday 12th December 2023.
  2. Bookings must be made online through the EMW Website, by purchasing tickets for the camp – you will not be required to enter the details of the child(ren) at this point. You may purchase multiple tickets per transaction (up to 5 boys and/or 5 girls). A non-refundable deposit of £30 per ticket must be paid at the time of booking.
  3. The booking form must be completed fully and truthfully. Booking forms will not be accepted where there are omissions or misleading information. Children who are not of the correct age to attend a camp will lose their place unless arrangements have been made with camp leaders and the office prior to booking.
  4. Spaces will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. If a camp is full, you may contact the office to be placed on a waiting list (email with the camp you require and the details of the child).
  5. Bookings are not transferrable between campers, or between camps.
  6. You will receive a confirmation email within 15 working days of your booking (if there are any problems with your booking, we will notify you as soon as possible).

Confirming a Child’s place on Camp

  1. You will receive a confirmation email for each child you book onto a camp, containing a link to the medical form (including personal details, medical information, specific needs leaders need to be aware of, and options to apply for bursaries or discounts). This form must be completed by the parent or guardian of the child.
  2. We ask that this form be completed within 14 days of its receipt, or you may forfeit your camp ticket and lose the deposit.
  3. The form must be completed fully and truthfully. We will always do our best to help any child attend an EMW Camp but knowing the full needs of campers before the camp is of utmost importance to the camp leaders as they prepare. If any camper turns up with needs the leaders are unaware of, we reserve the right to send the camper home on the basis of safety without a refund of fees.
  4. It is your responsibility to inform the EMW office (before the camp start date) if the medical, educational, behavioural and/or health needs change from the information provided at time of booking.

Campers with Additional Learning Needs (ALN) which includes those with disabilities

We make every effort on EMW camps to accommodate campers who have various needs and abilities. It is therefore very important that the medical and personal information form is completed accurately and truthfully by parents so that we can ensure that the camp is safe and has adequate resources. If a camper arrives on camp with significantly different needs to what was claimed on the form, we reserve the right on the basis of safety to contact the parent to take the child home (with no refund). If in doubt, please phone the office as soon as possible to discuss any needs or questions.

Food allergens etc.

We take issues relating to food allergens and cross contamination seriously. Due to our food preparation environment, there is a risk that traces of some allergens may unintentionally be included in all the food we serve. We understand the dangers to those with severe allergies. Please speak to our office staff, camp leader or camp cooks about food allergens or concerns.

Contact with your child during camp

We appreciate that the last few years have been difficult due to covid and the restrictions placed upon us – this has affected how often parents contact children, and we’re seeing the effects of this on camps. We respectfully remind parents that campers may not have frequent access to mobile phones (nor signal) during camp and on certain camps may only be contacted through the leader (who’s number will be provided prior to camp). As an organisation we take our duty of care very seriously and we will always contact a parent/guardian if there are any emergencies or if the child wishes to contact home. We are also unable to allow parents on site for visits or to join trips unless there are exceptional circumstances (prior contact should always be made through the leaders).


  1. Within 15 working days of our receipt of the medical form, you will receive an invoice via email detailing the remaining balance and payment instructions. The balance must be paid in full by 29th January 2024 and can be made using methods outlined on the invoice.
  2. You will receive a letter from the camp leader a fortnight before the camp start date, or as soon as payment is made in full after that date.

Discounts & Bursaries

  1. Sibling discounts – Each sibling is entitled to one £15 sibling discount for the Mini Camp. They are only eligible for one discount, even if attending multiple camps.
  2. The Aunt Bessie fund is available for those who are receiving Universal Credit (or equivalent). You may apply for a bursary (£50 for the Mini Camp) by uploading proof of eligibility to the medical form, or by emailing, or by post to EMW Camps, 31 Holyhead Road, Bangor, LL57 2EU. Bursaries from the Aunt Bessie Fund are limited and subject to availability.

Amendments & Cancellations

  1. To amend your booking please contact the EMW office immediately. An admin charge of £10 per ticket may be payable. Please note that places are non-transferable.
  2. Cancellations: please contact us immediately if you wish to cancel your booking. A full refund (less the deposit) will be given for cancellations given 28 days before the start of the relevant camp. Cancellations made between 8-27 days before the start of camp will receive a 50% refund (less deposit). We will not be able to refund tickets within 7 days of the start of the camp.
  3. Full fees (less deposit) will be refunded for certified illness on receipt of proof. Please inform the EMW Office immediately, and send proof to:, or EMW Camps, 31 Holyhead Road, Bangor LL57 2EU.

Code of Conduct

In order that EMW Camps work safely for everyone’s benefit there are rules and standards of behaviour that all campers are expected to abide by throughout the duration of camp:

  • Participation: It is expected that everyone will be involved in the daily programme of activities which includes a daily camp service and group Bible studies.
  • Safety: For your own safety and that of others, you will be required to follow the instructions of the group leaders during all the activities of the week.
  • Damage and theft: Wilful damage to the Centre’s property or anyone else’s belongings, or any act of theft, will not be tolerated. Any camper who wilfully damages property or another’s belongings will pay for its repair/replacement.
  • Accommodation: Under no circumstances may you enter the room of a member of the opposite sex. You are not permitted to enter the room of another guest unless invited to do so.
  • Swimwear: Some camps may use a waterslide or include swimming as an activity. We request that girls wear a one-piece swimsuit, and boys wear shorts (not speedos or similar). Shorts and t-shirt would also be suitable for boys or girls.
  • Personal conduct: Acceptable standards of behaviour will be required. Behaviour that is not acceptable will be dealt with firmly.
  • Smoking, Vaping and Alcohol: No alcohol is to be consumed whilst on camp. No smoking or vaping is allowed in any part of the Centres, their grounds, on camp buses or during organised group activities. Any smoking or vaping equipment must be handed in at the start of camp. Parents may contact the camp leader directly to discuss exceptional circumstances.
  • Audio equipment: In the interests of safety, good communication and the avoidance of nuisance, the use of any personal audio equipment (mp3 players, iPads, computer games, excessive use of mobile phones etc) will not be permitted.
  • Cars: We ask that older campers (if arriving in their own cars) do not use their cars during the camp as travel will be provided.

All campers must sign the declaration on their medical form showing their willingness to abide by the code of conduct. Any deliberate and/or consistent refusal to abide by the code of conduct may lead to expulsion from camp without any refund of fees.


Camps are covered by the EMW’s public liability insurance. It is recommended that all campers take out personal holiday insurance.

Data Protection

Your privacy is taken seriously. Your personal information is only used to administer your account and provide the products/services you have requested. We will never pass your information to third parties.