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Summer Camps

We’re delighted you’re interested in EMW Summer Camps but expect you probably have a few questions. So here are answers to some of the more frequently asked questions.

Please ensure that you read our safeguarding policy and questions page before booking your child on camp, here.

How do I book?

Booking for a camp is done online from the booking page. The page will open at a certain time (clearly noted on the website) and it can be accessed through the website, directly from an EMW promotional email or from our facebook page. Bookings are dealt with on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. (more information here)

What is the EMW and who runs the camps?

The Evangelical Movement of Wales (EMW) is a registered charity, and has been running Christian camps for over 60 years. All staff are Christian volunteers who are interviewed, enhanced DBS checked and further assessed for their suitability for serving on camp through references from their church leader. All staff are trained in child protection and follow the EMW safeguarding policy (available on request). Every camp team also includes a trained first aider to ensure your child is as safe as possible.

What is the staff:camper ratio and how will my child be looked after throughout the week?

The staff:camper ratio averages just over 1:3. Each camper is placed in a tent or dorm with other campers of the same gender and similar age (even the quietest campers quickly make friends). One or more members of staff will be assigned responsibility for the pastoral care of each tent/dorm and be available to those campers throughout the week to ensure that everyone in the group is getting the most out of camp. The camp leadership team and the chaplain will also help oversee pastoral care of campers.

What happens on camp?

Every camp has a wide-range of activities that should please every camper. Sports, arts and craft, adventure activities, wacky games, gorge walking, trips to the beach, team building games, table tennis and swimming are just a few of the activities that leaders will consider when drawing up the programme (licensed activity providers are used whenever required by the Adventure Activity Licensing Authority). Evenings are often given over to home-grown entertainment, with plenty of time for laughs together over a cup of hot chocolate. Time is also set aside for campers to hear from and study the Bible to find out more about Jesus. All this helps to make EMW camps something special for everyone and the reason why so many youngsters come back year after year. It’s also the reason campers and staff go home tired but happy!

Contact with campers during camp

We appreciate that the last few years have been difficult due to covid and the restrictions placed upon us – this has affected how often parents contact children, and we’re seeing the effects of this on camps. We respectfully remind parents that campers may not have frequent access to mobile phones (nor signal) during camp and on certain camps may only be contacted through the leader (who’s number will be provided prior to camp). As an organisation we take our duty of care very seriously and we will always contact a parent/guardian if there are any emergencies or if the child wishes to contact home. We are also unable to allow parents on site for visits or to join trips unless there are exceptional circumstances (prior contact should always be made through the leaders).

Campers with Additional Learning Needs (ALN) which includes those with disabilities

We make every effort on EMW camps to accommodate campers who have various needs and abilities. It is therefore very important that the medical and personal information form is completed accurately and truthfully by parents so that we can ensure that the camp is safe and has adequate resources. If a camper arrives on camp with significantly different needs to what was claimed on the form, we reserve the right on the basis of safety to contact the parent to take the child home (with no refund). If in doubt, please phone the office as soon as possible to discuss any needs or questions.

Food allergens etc.

We take issues relating to food allergens and cross contamination seriously. Due to our food preparation environment, there is a risk that traces of some allergens may unintentionally be included in all the food we serve. We understand the dangers to those with severe allergies. Please speak to our office staff, camp leader or camp cooks about food allergens or concerns.

Are there any discounts I can claim?

Yes, there are two discount types which can be awarded to campers.

  • Sibling Discount – Each sibling is entitled to one £20 sibling discount when attending EMW camps (£15 for the Mini Camps).
  • Aunt Bessie Fund Discount – the Aunt Bessie Fund was set up to sponsor campers from families who struggle financially. If you are in receipt of Universal Credit, you can request a bursary. Bursaries are £50 for the Mini Camps, £80 for outdoor/church camps and £125 for indoor summer camps. All you have to do to qualify is send in photocopied proof of eligibility (to EMW, 31 Holyhead Road, Bangor LL57 2EU) or you can email a scanned copy to

Further information?

Please feel free to contact the North Wales Office here