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Code of Conduct

For EMW Camps 2022

In order that EMW Camps work safely for everyone’s benefit there are rules and standards of behaviour that all campers are expected to abide by throughout the duration of camp:

    • i) Participation – It is expected that everyone will be involved in the daily programme of activities which includes a daily camp service and group Bible studies.
    • ii) Safety – For their own safety and that of others, all campers will be required to follow the instructions of the group leaders during all the activities of the camps.
    • iii) Damage and theft – Wilful damage to a venue’s property or anyone else’s belongings, or any act of theft, will not be tolerated. Any camper who wilfully damages property or another’s belongings will pay for its repair/replacement.
    • iv) No camper is to enter the tent/dorm of a member of the opposite sex.
    • v) Alcohol, smoking, etc. – No alcohol or smoking is permitted on any Camp.
    • vi) Audio equipment – In the interests of safety, good communication and the avoidance of nuisance, the use of any personal audio equipment (e.g. mp3 players, iPods, computer games, or excessive use of mobile phones) will not be permitted.
    • vii) Cars – We ask that older campers (if arriving in their own cars) do not use their cars during the camp as travel will be provided.

All campers must sign the declaration showing their willingness to abide by the code of conduct. Any deliberate and/or consistent refusal to abide by the code of conduct may lead to expulsion from camp without any refund of fees.