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23 Mar, 2021

TeamTalk – Preaching Golgotha

by Geoff Thomas

Watch on Vimeo, or below. You can also listen to Geoff’s talk above or download as an MP3 below.

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10 Mar, 2021

TeamTalk – Reaching our Young People

by Andy Pitt

Watch on Vimeo

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23 Feb, 2021

The need for consistent godliness and Christ-like living in the context of Christian leadership

by Jeremy Bailey

Available to watch on Vimeo

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16 Feb, 2021

TeamTalk with Andrew Birch – The situation in Europe

by Andrew Birch

Available to watch on Vimeo

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26 Jan, 2021

TeamTalk – Ian Parry, 26th January 2021

by Ian Parry

Watch above or on Vimeo

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19 Jan, 2021

Rest for your soul

by Bernard Lewis

Watch the recording on Vimeo or below. Bernard’s list of further reading and resources can be downloaded below.

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30 Oct, 2020

Resilience and Serving Christ

by Phil Swann

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5 Oct, 2020

TeamTalk – Persevering in uncertain times

by John Stevens

View John’s notes and recommended further reading in the PDF below.

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13 Aug, 2020

TeamTalk -How to seek to address the spiritual needs of young people today?

by Kevin Davies

How to seek to address the spiritual needs of young people today? Kevin Davies

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21 Jul, 2020

The mechanics of re-opening

by Kevin Davies

Kevin Davies speaking on 21 July, 2020 on the mechanics of reopening. Caution – check current legistlation and guidance, as things change quickly in Wales! EMW_REOPENING – Powerpoint EMW_REOPENING – pdf

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