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Tim Whitton

1 Jul, 2011

I don’t need Jesus, I’m a good person

by Tim Whitton

I don’t need Jesus, I’m a good person David was a Buddhist man I met during an open-air meeting recently, who swore blind that he had lived a perfect moral life for the past twenty years! As I tried to pinpoint areas of his life where he may just have possibly fallen short of perfection,…

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1 Mar, 2010

Get a proper job!

by Tim Whitton

Get a proper job! ‘So what do you do for a living?’ Most people asking this question expect the typical response; teacher, plumber, accountant, or the most common of all, ‘I work in IT’. ‘Street preacher’ often brings an, ‘Oh!’ followed by a silence as the person who asked the question struggles as to what…

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