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Mark Johnston

14 Aug, 2018

Mark Johnston – Aber 2018

by Mark Johnston

Tuesday evening at Aber 18. Mark Johnston speaking on Hebrews 11:1-6, ‘Longing for a better country’

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1 May, 2011

Me! A Member?

by Mark Johnston

Me! A Member? ‘Membership’ can be a funny concept. You can be a member of a golf club, or a swimming club; you can be a member of a political party, or a professional body; you can belong to an Old Boys’ Association – the possibilities are endless. Membership can mean anything from indulging our…

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1 Nov, 2010

Set free to live life to the full

by Mark Johnston

Set free to live life to the full Freedom has been the cherished dream of countless generations in countless countries of the world. From the cry of ‘Liberty, Equality and Fraternity’ of the French Revolution to the sacrifice of thousands in two world wars to preserve national freedom, right down to present day oppressed minorities…

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1 May, 2010

Whose child are you?

by Mark Johnston

Whose child are you? It might seem an inappropriate question to ask, but it’s not meant to be rude or politically incorrect, nor even an invasion of privacy. To ask, ‘Whose child are you?’ merely raises the issue of where we belong in a spiritual sense. Recent years have witnessed a general reawakening to the…

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