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Mark Barnes

15 Aug, 2019

Mark Barnes – Aber 2019 Seminar

by Mark Barnes

Thursday – Mark Barnes speaking on ‘Leadership’.

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1 May, 2014

The two beasts

by Mark Barnes

The two beasts Revelation 13 is one of the most debated chapters in the Bible. It tells of two beasts, one that comes from the sea, another which comes up from the earth. Some Christians suggest they represent two great powers at the end of time. Maybe so. But the book of Revelation wasn’t written…

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1 Mar, 2014

All one in Christ Jesus

by Mark Barnes

All one in Christ Jesus Age is a funny thing. When I was a child, nothing on earth could tempt me to eat broccoli. But now, it’s one of my favourite vegetables. As a teenager, any spare moment was invariably filled with a game of football with the lads from school – no matter what…

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1 Jul, 2011

Why is God so angry?

by Mark Barnes

Why is God so angry? Dear Ryan, Thank you so much for your recent letter. I’m glad you’ve started going to the church I suggested. I do pray that things will start to become clearer for you, and you’ll begin to understand why Christians get so excited about what Jesus Christ has done. I’m glad…

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1 Nov, 2010

No need for God?

by Mark Barnes

No need for God? A review of The Grand Design by Stephen Hawking Stephen Hawking’s new book The Grand Design, made front-page news — not because of a scientific breakthrough, but because Hawking used the book to claim that the universe could have created itself. I’m both encouraged and disheartened by the media-storm that surrounded…

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1 Jul, 2010

For such a time as this…

by David Ollertonby Mark Barnesby Stuart Olyott

For such a time as this… There are few men who have a better grasp of the gospel situation in Wales than David Ollerton (chairman of Waleswide), and Stuart Olyott (Pastoral Director of the EMW). Both men have spent years visiting, encouraging and learning from churches throughout Wales. We caught up with them to hear…

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1 Jan, 2010

How should Christians give?

by Mark Barnes

How should Christians give? I was once quizzed by a man whose adult daughter had become a Christian and applied for church membership. He himself was not a church-goer and had many questions. One was, ‘What will she have to pay?’. I assured him there would be no charge! ‘But the church must need money,’…

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