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Lowri Iorwerth

1 Mar, 2011

Youth Article: Myths about heaven

by Lowri Iorwerth

Youth Article: Myths about heaven On 24 November 2008 The Streets released the first single from their eagerly awaited album, ‘Everything is borrowed’. The single was called ‘Heaven for the weather’ and the chorus went like this: I want to go to heaven for the weather But hell for the company; I want to go…

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1 May, 2010

No worries?

by Lowri Iorwerth

No worries? Stress. Anxiety. Worry.  These words are being used more and more, and are the cause of many sick days and doctors appointments. But stress isn’t a new invention. In fact, Jesus preached a sermon on stress in Matthew 6. Why do we worry? A university in America conducted a scientific study and discovered…

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