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Lindsay Brown

15 Aug, 2019

Lindsay Brown – Aber 2019

by Lindsay Brown

Thursday evening at Aber 2019. Lindsay Brown speaking on 2 Timothy 2:1-7 – ‘The kind of people God uses’.

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14 Aug, 2019

Lindsay Brown – Aber 2019 Seminar

by Lindsay Brown

Wednesday – Lindsay Brown’s afternoon seminar on ‘The Gospel in Europe’.

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8 Aug, 2012

Lindsay Brown – Aber 2012

by Lindsay Brown

Wednesday Evening at Aber 2012. Lindsay Brown speaking on Psalm 73 – ‘Dealing with Disappointment’

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1 Mar, 2012

Wales and the World

by Lindsay Brown

Wales and the World God has privileged the Welsh people to make a very special contribution to the pioneering of the church of Jesus Christ in far flung places. The rich missionary tradition in the Welsh church extends from the late 18th century to the early 1900s and is undoubtedly linked with the awakenings of…

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