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Gary Benfold

10 Aug, 2014

Gary Benfold – Aber 2014

by Gary Benfold

Monday evening at Aber 2014. Gary Benfold speaking on Jonah 3:5 – ‘Aber’s Vital Ingredient’

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1 Jan, 2012

A radical idea?

by Gary Benfold

A radical idea? It’s a radical idea, isn’t it – getting Christians to read the Bible? Perhaps you’ve seen the statistics of how few Christians read the Bible at all between one Sunday and the next. Yet people grow as they read the word and sermons make more sense (which is bound to be a…

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1 Mar, 2010

God’s necessary gift

by Gary Benfold

God’s necessary gift A few weeks ago our door-bell rang at two o’clock on a Sunday morning. Naturally, brave as ever, I went to answer it. I peered boldly round the heavy wooden door, holding it firm as protection ‘just in case’. It was a young man delivering curry, and he held out the brown…

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