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1 Jan, 2011

The humanity of Christ

by Philip Eveson

The humanity of Christ Peter writes that Christ is both an example for Christians to follow and a Saviour to trust (1 Pet. 2:21-25). For Jesus to be our perfect example and saviour meant living a real human life. This has to be emphasised because Jesus the Messiah is the Son of God who could…

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1 Jan, 2011

Praying for the preaching

by John Legg

Praying for the preaching   We must pray for preachers, but what should we ask for. Some reply, ‘For unction,’ but this lacks scriptural basis. Unction (or anointing) in Scripture indicated that a man was set apart and equipped for God’s service once-for-all (Luke 4:16-21; 2 Corinthians 1:21; 1 John 2:20,27). This is not a…

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