Mission Wales

What is Mission Wales?

Mission Wales is an EMW ministry that provides tailored support for churches to reach their communities. At the request of a church the EMW can help to develop its own approach and programme depending on the community in which the church is based.

We can also inform Christians across Wales (and beyond) in order that they may:

  • pray intelligently
  • help appropriately.

How does the EMW help a church to organise a mission?

The EMW will support a church in any way that it wants, for example, by helping to coordinate, giving advice, and providing resources:

  • Organising or liaising with speakers;
  • Ideas/advice where requested on options available for running a mission;
  • Locally focussed publicity and evangelistic literature (often this is an evangelistic newspaper);
  • Design facilities;
  • Printing;
  • A grant to help with the costs of the mission (e.g. production of 5000 newspapers);
  • Inviting and coordinating a team to support distribution of literature across a whole town or geographical catchment area (often linking smaller churches with larger churches) and help with running the programme e.g. help with childrens’ work.

How can you help?

If you want to help please contact Malcolm and Shirley Towers:

  •     missions@emw.org.uk

Can we help you?

If your church is interested in talking about a mission please contact David Norbury:

  •   davidnorbury@emw.org.uk