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Upcoming TeamTalk Meeting

Tuesday 26th January 2021, 12:30pm

  • Speaker: Ian Parry
  • Our good friend Ian Parry is going to be talking about the ‘Daily Prayer’ online video that he runs at Grangetown Baptist Church. If you take a look at what he does you will see that it is great, and you can see an example by clicking here.
    During the Covid restrictions there have been some great creative responses to getting the gospel and pastoral support out. Our circumstances have changed but the Great Commission and the requirement to shepherd the flock remain the same. Ian has developed something really helpful here and so we have invited him to share with us about what he is doing. Who knows, you might be inspired to set something up yourself and who knows what God might do through this.
    So if you are a Pastor, an Elder or Deacon or you have an area of responsibility for ministry that is recognised in your Church, drop in on Tuesday at 12.30pm for ministry, fellowship and prayer.

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