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Revive Prayer Meeting

Did you know there has been a regular prayer meeting in South Wales, focused specifically on Revival, for the last 50 years?

For the 50th anniversary of this meeting we are widening the invitation to any concerned believer and moving venues through the year across South Wales.

We believe in the reality of Revival . . .

‘[Revival is] a work of God in which the church is both beautified and empowered because the normal operations of the Holy Spirit are intensified . . . 

It is an outpouring of the Spirit on and within the congregation, so that the presence of God among his people becomes evident and palpable.

At such times people who think they know the gospel are brought to see that they really do not know it. Many nominal Christians realize they are not converted and cross over in to living faith, and many sleepy Christians wake up to why they have been living in anxiety, envy, anger, and boredom.The church stops “basing its justification on its sanctification” and there is an enormous release of energy. The non-churched are then attracted and drawn in by the transformed life of the Christian community, which finally becomes a sign of the kingdom, a beautiful alternative to human society without Christ.’

We believe too in praying for revival

‘To kindle every revival the Holy Spirit uses what Jonathan Edwards called “extraordinary prayer” – united, kingdom-centred, prevailing prayer

‘Sometimes it begins with a single person or a small group of people praying for God’s glory in the community. What is important is not the number of people praying but the nature of the praying. [It must be prayer] for grace to confess sins and to humble ourselves, [for] compassion and zeal for the flourishing of the church and the reaching of the lost [and for] a yearning to know God, to see his face, to glimpse his glory’ [1]

Are you able to join us? Could you start something similar where you are at a time that suits you?

  • Wed 13 March 2019 (9.30am-12noon)
  • Wed 3 July 2019 (9.30am-12noon)
  • Venue – EMW Office, Waterton Cross Business Park, South Road, Bridgend, CF31 3UL

[1] All quotations are from Timothy Keller

More details from Ian Parry by contacting the office or here