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Reading Mark

Reading Mark: Reading and Understanding the Good News about Jesus the King

The purpose of these studies is to help young Christians do what a lot of older Christians find hard – reading and understanding the Bible! We are going to be producing 55 short studies from the Gospel of Mark. Each study will include a passage from the Bible, some comments on the passage, four questions for you to think about and a suggestion of something to pray about.

The studies will start on Monday 6th April, and there will be one study a day for the next few weeks, apart from Sundays, to give you the chance to catch up on a reading you might have missed.

The first few studies will be available on the EMW website soon, but you can sign up to receive the studies over email using this link. You can view the first study here.

We will also be publishing the studies on social media – Facebook, and Instagram.

Why not chat with a few of your friends and agree to read through the Gospel of Mark together? We hope that these studies will help you come to know Jesus better and to love him more.

You can receive the Welsh versions by signing up to this link, or following Llwybrau on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.