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Next TeamTalk Meeting

Next TeamTalk meeting for church leaders – 1 December 2020, 12:30pm

  • Topic: Brothers in Arms not Brothers at Arms
  • Speaker: Phil Swann
  • One of the sad things about these Covid days is the tension it has created in certain parts of our community. People have spoken in the past about the ‘Blitz Spirit’, that adversity beings people together and it seems it often does, but sadly during this pandemic relationships can sometimes become strained. How are we as church leaders to understand this and more importantly how are we to respond to this and why is this important? These are necessary questions and we look forward to exploring them together for a short time on Tuesday at 12:30pm and then praying together. If you are a Church Leader then we give you a very warm invitation to join us at Team Talk for ministry, encouragement and prayer.

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