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Mission and Vision: Three New Books!

Mission and Vision: Welsh greats who changed the world for Christ series aims to stimulate an interest in the lives of men and women from Wales who have had an amazing influence for good not only in the country of their birth but often in many other lands as well.

The first three books will be released by 1 November and are avilable for pre order on our site (£7 each or 3 for £15).

The full collection of the first three book of Mission and Vision:

  • Thomas Coke: ‘God’s Good News to the World‘ by John Aaron – He opposed slavery years before Wilberforce began his campaign; he led the Wesleyan Methodist work in Britain, Ireland, America and the Caribbean islands; he was invited to reach before the American Congress; and he crossed the Atlantic Ocean eighteen times in all on his pioneering missionary journeys. read more
  • William Morgan: ‘God’s Word for Wales‘ by Nathan Munday – William Morgan has been described as the man who made it possible for the Lord Jesus Christ to speak Welsh, so that the people of Wales could listen to his words in their own language. This book traces the story of how the 1588 Welsh Bible came into being. It was Morgan who completed the task but the story involves many others, like William Salesbury and Richard Davies, who prepared the way for him. read more
  • Thomas Charles: ‘God’s Gift to Wales’ by Jonathan Thomas – When Daniel Rowland first heard Thomas Charles preach, he responded, ‘Charles is God’s gift to north Wales.’ He was right in his assessment, except that it did not go far enough. By the time of his death, aged 59, ‘Thomas Charles of Bala’ was the most famous and best loved Christian leader in the whole country. This book shows why he was so loved and respected. read more