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Making a mess – so that we can make room for something better!

We thank God for his care over us all in Bryn-y-groes over the summer.  The camps were under God’s blessing and care, and it was a pleasure for us to enjoy time with great teams of officers and leaders, with happy campers, and with our heroic volunteers.  The end of the summer was particularly busy for us as we emptied the Annexe in order to pave the way for the start of the building project, whilst still trying to serve our guests.  Thanks for all who came to help us.

We’re a month into the building project, and we’re still at the stage of making a mess!  The skilful machinists didn’t take long to demolish the old Annexe, and the concrete has now been crushed into small bits, which is being used to level parts of our grounds. The contractors are working diligently every day and are making good progress preparing the foundations. We’re excited at the prospect of being past the making a mess stage, and we’re looking forward to seeing the walls starting to be built.


  • For people who have supported the work by giving gifts, by praying and in practical ways.
  • Since starting the work lots of people have shared memories of past blessings linked with the old building.  We thank God for all that has been, and acknowledge the fact that the spiritual work is far more important than bricks and mortar.
  • For God’s faithfulness and unchanging character in times of change.


Prayer points:

  • That the work will be able to progress without delays, and within budget.
  • That the work won’t adversely affect the guests we’re expecting over the next weeks.  We’re looking forward to visits from various churches, Bangor and Aberystwyth Universities Christian Unions, and the ‘Good News’ Camp.
  • For Robert Adlam who is managing the project – he works very hard in shouldering the responsibility.
  • That gifts would continue to come towards the project fund.
  • That we would have wisdom as we will need to make practical decisions as the project progresses.
  • That we won’t focus too much on the building, and forget our wider ministry.
  • That we will be able to continue good relationships with our neighbours here at Bryn-y-groes during the building work