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Leaders Days … only a week to go

Time is ticking … head over to the webpages to get the latest on the church training days.

Main Sessions

  • Godliness and the Gospel – Ian Parry (North and South)
  • ‘Shining like stars’
  • Evangelism – and exciting story


  • Someone to love: singleness and the church family
  • Handling Scripture – a seminar for Women
  • Don’t go changing, just to please me – handling change in the life of the church
  • We are all stars – developing a culture of personal evangelism in your church
  • Building for the Gospel – How to achieve your property vision and still sleep at night
  • Sharing your home – Hospitality is massive
  • A pastor is for life (not just for Sundays) – caring for your pastor
  • Too many regulations spoil the broth – health and safety in catering
  • Sermon scaffolding – how to structure a sermon
  • Sermons: The big idea
  • Hot potatoes

Youth track

  • All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for … youth
  • The IT question – understanding and using IT in youth culture.

Kids work track

  • Show them Jesus: teaching the Bible to young hearts!
  • Using Songs with Children
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