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Knowing and Enjoying God – three new books!

I read this book, said ‘Wow!’, and then thanked the Lord for moving the author to write it.
– Stuart Olyott (Pastor, author and missionary)

We’d like to introduce you to three new books that are part of a trilogy written by Dr Eryl Davies to help Christians know and Enjoy God more. This email gives a little more information about the books, including how you can buy all three for £10 with free P&P!

It is our prayer that these books will be used by God to bless His people here in the UK and beyond.

For the young and not so young this is a really excellent help in understanding one of the key elements in the Christian message of salvation.

– Philip H Eveson (former principal of London Theological Seminary)

These books have been written to help people to better understand the Christian faith. Each book in the series is user-friendly and explains Bible basics clearly.

They are suitable for those who are seeking God, for new Christians and for those who have been Christians for many years! Each book is accessible, clear and full of Biblical truth practically worked out.

  • Book 1, is foundational. The five chapters guide and help the reader to see the big picture of how we can know the living and holy God.
  • Book 2 goes further in seeking to grasp what the Bible teaches about being right with God. The big theme explained in Book 2 is ‘justify’. It is a crucial theme in the Bible and the second book will spell out the meaning and relevance of this teaching for our lives in the twenty-first century.
  • Book 3 is for those who have become Christians and want to know and enjoy God better. Here again there is practical Bible teaching expressed mainly in dialogue form to encourage readers to explore the Bible’s teaching with the aim of loving and knowing God personally.

At the end of each chapter in all books, are be points for you to consider and also responses of people who have read the chapters and interacted with the author.

You can buy these books at our online bookstore –

There is no greater joy than to know God! This book is a great way of exploring the reality of who God is and why we need to discover him. I warmly commend this book and pray that all who read it, will ultimately come to know and enjoy God for themselves.

Andy Pitt – Park Chapel, Merthyr Tydfil