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Camps 4, 5, and 8 update

Here’s how you can pray for this weeks’ camps:

Camp 4

We’re very thankful for a great start to Camp 4 at Woodcroft. Here are some of the highlights:

  • We have a great prayerful and united team of officers and cooks who are working really hard to serve the campers.
  • There is a really lovely atmosphere on camp between the campers as they are getting on very well together and having loads of fun.
  • The great weather has been a blessing!
  • Owen Blackwood, our chaplain, is looking at the theme of ‘meeting Jesus: real people with a real story’. Looking at how Jesus changed the lives of people in different situations. This is what the campers are looking at in their bible studies too.
  • We’ve been encouraged by campers coming along to the early ‘campers quiet time’.
  • The campers have been very responsive to spiritual things
  • Daily answers to prayer in many different ways


Please pray for:

  • The above to continue, we’ve know much of Gods kindness
  • Please also pray for continued safety (including for our trip on Thursday), energy and dependence on our God.


Thank you so much for your prayerful support!

Andrew and Lianne


Camp 5

Camp 5 prayer update:

  • Pray for souls to be saved!
  • Thanks for an excellent team of officers, two of which joined last minute to assist in our shortage of female officers.
  • Thanks for a good group of campers and a warm positive atmosphere.
  • Pray for campers who lack assurance.
  • Pray for the upcoming separate girls/boys seminars and question time.
  • Pray for three of our team members who are serving on back-to-back camp weeks.





Camp 8

‘Camp 8: Newtown Evangelical Church, led by Dan and Sharon Owen, with Sam Keen serving as Chaplain.

We are delighted to have another full church camp this year.  Camp is now in full swing with the youngsters already having enjoyed swimming, walks and a photo challenge competition in Newtown.  They’ve been kayaking and canoeing on the Clywedog reservoir amidst the beautiful rolling hills of Mid-Wales, a spectacular corner of our Father’s creation.

Sam Keen has been taking us all on a wonderful gospel tour of the Lord’s mountains in scripture.  In the region of Ararat, where the ark settled, we’ve been reminded that we all need to get into a better ark, the Lord Jesus Christ, not to be saved from floodwater but fire.  At Moriah we have been reminded of how our heavenly has sent His one and only Son to be sacrificed for our sins, that we might know God and spend eternity with Him.  Later this morning we’re going to learn at the foot of Mount Sinai.

Praise God that campers have been listening carefully to the word of God which we know will not return to Him void.  Beyond the usual much-needed prayers for salvation, safety and Spirit of God to fill the hearts of all, we have a few specific requests.  The first Bible study has flagged up that a number of campers, despite seemingly sincerely wanting to pray more effectively, find it difficult for a host of reasons.  Please pray that these campers find their desire to speak to their heavenly Father is matched by a real freedom to do so.  Please also pray for a few campers who are beginning to feel homesick!

Your brother in Christ,