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Camp Booking

What a few days it’s been!

As I’m sure you’re aware we had some technical difficulties yesterday with the camp booking process. Basically, the website struggled to cope with the sudden surge in visitors wanting to book for the English summer camps.
We are deeply sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused and have been working hard to try and ensure that this doesn’t happen again. We are therefore sending this email giving you the latest information and details of the booking process tomorrow.

Booking will open tomorrow, Wednesday 30th January at 7am. (please read on).

Three important things to remember:

  1. As in previous years, all bookings received in the post or online up until 23.59 on the opening day (Wednesday 30 January) will have equal priority. No priority is given to a person who has booked at 7.00 am over a person who has booked at 10.00am or 10.00pm. This means that we can ensure that we allocate the spaces as fairly as possible. If the site crashes in the morning due to extra demand – don’t worry, try again in a few hours, you’ll have until the end of the day to book.
  2. You can access the online form in two ways: Via the EMW site or via third party site ( These forms are currently password protected, but they will be released tomorrow, and the links should work on every browser type.
  3. Please be aware that there will be no one in the South Wales office until 9.30am. If you experience any problems, either email or phone during the day (office closes at 4.00pm). As explained earlier, you will not lose out on a place on camp based on the time you book tomorrow.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.