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Aber Conference – booking news

Dear Friends

We are really looking forward to be together again in Aberystwyth for the Conference this summer (6th to 13th August) – a very warm welcome will await you. Paul Mallard and our other speakers are busy preparing, and our ministry teams for children, fellowship groups and prayer times are coming together well. Please join us in praying that the Lord would be with us in a special way this year. This email gives you some very important information about booking, so please take some time to read it and pass it on to others who may be interested.

Booking will now open on 16th February, two weeks later than advertised.

Due to circumstances outside of our control, the types of accommodation we can offer in the University have changed. We can no longer offer houses in Pentre Jane Morgan as the University has withdrawn them. Because of these changes, we do not want to disadvantage any who intended to book a house but now have to re-plan their stay. It therefore seems fairer to everyone if we give more time to think and plan what accommodation they wish to book.

What is available?

All other accommodation advertised is still available. There are Flats of eight, nine or ten rooms in Cwrt mawr; there are ensuite flats of eight rooms in Rosser; and there are Deluxe Flats of six or eight rooms in Fferm Penglais. Costs vary and there are adult, children, and family prices (for one or two adult families) in each accommodation type, plus youth accommodation in Cwrt Mawr. Go to for more information.

Family bookings, how can you help us?

It has been a joy to welcome many new families to the conference over the past years, and we hope to see many extra families this year which is why we’re continuing to offer low family prices. Additionally this year we are introducing safeguarding measures to ensure that families are not required to share flats with other adults unless they have booked together, with the consent of all the parents and adults involved. To enable us to follow this policy most effectively it would be a real advantage for families to join together with others they are happy to share with to fill whole flats.

For instance a family of four, may join with grandparents to fill a six room flat in our deluxe ensuite accommodation. Alternatively two families may join together to fill a flat of ten in Cwrt Mawr. There are many permutations and possibilities! Thank you for considering this – it will help us to be as efficient as possible and maximise the use of the accommodation available to us this year.

How to book?

Booking will open on 10.00am 16 February via our website and we will send a further email out next week with full terms and conditions. Paper copies will also be sent to all who have requested them next week (please contact the office if you require one).

Our apologies for these late changes, we trust that they will not affect our enjoyment of our first face to face conference in three years. Whatever accommodation is booked we will do all we can to ensure you get what you request.

Warmly yours in the Lord

Jeremy Bailey and the organising committee