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TeamTalk – Resilience and Serving Christ

TeamTalk – Resilience and Serving Christ


27 Oct 2020 at 12:30pm


27 Oct 2020 at 13:30pm



Perhaps for some of us the thought of gearing up and getting the engine revved for more work at Christmas seems a bit daunting. In fact, if you are really honest about it, maybe you feel you are peddling hard just to stay upright, let alone making forward progress. Maybe as we move into two weeks of national lockdown you feel more daunted and down than ever. And maybe you are seeing the same sort of struggles reflected in your people too. In the last week I have heard seasoned church leaders say that they are ‘more tired than ever’ and have ‘never worked so hard’. At the same time some are reporting how usually well balanced church folk are starting to become a challenge and uncharacteristically difficult. How do we keep going, when we feel we can’t keep going? How may we help those around us who are feeling the pressure?

The popular word for facing this today is ‘resilience’, and the biblical word is ‘endurance’. Wise common grace thinking has a lot to say about finding, developing and guarding resilience, and we know that the bible has so much to say about ‘endurance’. This coming Tuesday we will be pulling together some of the contemporary common grace wisdom about reliance and the timeless biblical truth about ‘endurance’. If you are able to join us on Tuesday at 12.30pm, I am sure this will be a blessing, help and encouragement to you.

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