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20 Dec 2021 at 14:00pm


20 Dec 2021 at 14:45pm





You probably don’t need me to point out that once again as church leaders we find ourselves in a place of difficulty and uncertainty. On the horizon are the glittering unique evangelistic opportunities that Christmas brings, but so too appears to be the dark storm cloud of the omicron variant. I recognise that the pressures that some of you are under are very great and likely to become greater. Over the past twenty months Team Talk has looked to provide encouragement and Godly stimulus for Church Leaders via Zoom and the Podcast. So with this new development in the Coronavirus taking form we thought it might be helpful to dust off our Zoom boots and have a pre-Christmas get together on Monday 20th at 2pm.

This is unashamedly about looking to support and encourage you from the word and in prayer together. I realise we are all going into a busy week, and we certainly don’t wish to add just another meeting, but it is our heartfelt hope that this will be a blessing end help to you in these uncertain times. It won’t be a long session, but I trust long enough to encourage and help you. Brothers, we need each other’s prayers, wisdom, and encouragement.

Please note this meeting is for those in active church leadership.

Contact for Zoom details.

God bless you and your work for His Kingdom

Phil Swann