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30 Jan, 2014

Revival in Wales

by Emyr Roberts

ISBN: 9781783970698 Pages: 174 Price: £7.99 PB 200x129mm Published by Bryntirion Press This volume will be welcomed by all who are interested in the topic of religious revival and its consequences. The volume is published to record the one hundredth anniversary, in 2015, of the birth of Emyr Roberts (1915-88). Although over a quarter of…

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1 Jan, 2014

Something must be known and felt

by Stuart Olyott

ISBN 9781783970674 Pages: 150 Price: £8.99 PB Published by Bryntirion Press Buy from our bookshops or from tenofthose In true Christianity God’s revealed truth is believed, it is lived out, and it is felt. It impacts the soul. If we forget this we will eventually lose biblical religion altogether. But what are we to make of our emotions?…

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1 Mar, 2013

Faithful God

by Sinclair B Ferguson

ISBN: 9781850492474 Pages: 144 Price: £8.99 PB 213x135mm Published by Bryntirion Press The book of Ruth records experiences of joy and sorrow; it tells a story of home life, romance and marriage, of unexpected conversion and radical consecration. Here is a vital part of the biblical narrative of redemptive history, focusing like a microscope on…

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1 Jan, 2013

Ardent Love for Jesus

by Michael AG Haykin

ISBN: 9781850492481 Pages: 160 Price: £8.99 PB 216x139mm Published by: Bryntirion Press The role that the celebrated William Carey played at the outset of the modern missionary movement is farily well know. What is relitively unknow, however, is the story of the band of brothers that mentored Carey and then supported him when he went…

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1 Jan, 2013

True word for tough times

by Dale Ralph Davies

ISBN 9780852349342 Price: £6.99 Pages: 96 PB Published by Bryntirion Press Buy book from one of our bookshops or from tenofthose In August 2010 Dale Ralph Davis delivered these five messages from Jeremiah at the Evangelical Movement of Wales Conference in Aberystwyth. Those who were there on the occasion will recall the power and passion…

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1 Jan, 2011

Preaching, Pure and Simple

by Stuart Olyott

ISBN: 9781850492047 Pages: 196 Price: £10.99 PB 214x136mm Published by Bryntirion Press What is preaching? Why is some preaching arresting and pwerful, and some boring and flat? How do you prepare sermons? The author states that God’s work in the world and preaching are intimately linked; ‘The kingdom of God and preaching are like conjoined…

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30 Jan, 2006

The Lord our Shepherd

by Douglas MacMillan

ISBN: 9781850491989 Pages: 128 Price: £7.99 PB 186x122mm Published by: Bryntirion Press In the twenty years since it was first published, this title has become a Christian classic. Over 45,000 copies have been sold; it has been reprinted six times and translated into a number of languages. This new edition includes the author’s personal testimony…

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1 Jan, 2006

The God of Glory Thunders

by Gordon Cooke

ISBN: 9781850492184 Pages: 104 Price: £5.99 PB 216x136mm Published by Bryntirion Press For many Christians, a thunderstorm is a nuisance or, even worse, something that brings fear and anxiety. For the writer of Psalm 29, however, it is the basis for meditating upon the majesty and glory of God as his voice sounds forth. In…

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